Elle Adda

Author & Co-Founder

Breakthrough in Action

“Inside every one of us is a spirit thirsting for movement, growth and transformation. We just have to choose to set it free and help each other along the way. Welcome to Breakthrough in Action- this is where we build community health and resilience from the inside out.”

Meet Elle Adda

Elle Adda is a triathlete, yogi, transformational coach, sports anchor, inspirational performing artist, TriFactor World Championship medalist and chairperson of the global wellness organization- TriFactor Engage. This French-Filipina has toured the world as an artist, athlete, and motivational speaker on over 300 stages across 6 continents for various summits, races, concerts, and events of organizations such as Trifactor, Ironman, The Southeast Asian Games, Under Armour, Mercedez Benz, Shangri-la, the Young Presidents Organization and more.

Elle truly fell in love with wellness at the age of 16 when her father (her yoga master) was diagnosed with cancer. She took a gap year to witness and experience with him first-hand the power of naturopathic medicine, nutrition, exercise, and the discipline of mental awareness. Not only did it successfully treat her father’s disease, but it also profoundly transformed both their qualities of life.

Her Advocacy

Elle is an advocate for holistic health of the mind, body, and spirit as a unified engine. She continues to build her practice on the foundation of positive psychology, sports, yoga, nutrition, mindfulness strategies, fear-exposure therapy, passion, and community support. She has trained and worked with world-renown doctors, PHDs in psychology, elite athletes, and coaches and has helped train all levels of experience from business executives, corporate employees, and artists, to national sports teams, and Olympic level athletes.

Elle’s Mission

“Most of us often don’t understand how incredible the body is designed to feel and perform until we give it the true nourishment it needs. I spent the better part of my life suffering from a genetic anxiety disorder. Believe me when I say that no amount of exercise or good nutrition will make us healthy unless we first address our frame of mind- this is the source of our motivation and the engine that operates our performance. Practicing holistic wellness has not only allowed me to overcome my anxious thoughts, but it has strengthened me enough to qualify for 3 triathlon world championships during my first year in the sport. It has also given me tremendous peace of mind, confidence, direction, and fulfillment in life.”

Elle’s mission is to empower others through her mentorship and coaching, focusing on building long-lasting positive lifestyle transformation for her community.

"Discover Yourself, Discovery your Community"