Course Objectives

During these 10 session of Introduction to Self-Awareness, we will share with you various science-based techniques that will help to you deepen your personal self- knowledge and understanding. We will provide you with the fundamental framework for sustainable lifestyle transformation, impacting your overall health and well-being.


Breakthrough in Action will lead you and your community in a series of physical activities and positive psychological interventions- all of which are designed to overcome mental unrest and promote peace of mind well as a healthy, active, and fulfilling lifestyle.

This introductory course will cover three unified key pillars of the practice:


We will begin to address and navigate around mental roadblocks by breaking through self-limiting beliefs and creating a fundamental positive shift in our mindset.


Together, we will create a strong foundation of healthy habits by developing your personal game plan and arsenal of physical and mindful practices.


In addition, we will build your personal community accountability and support system by connecting you to your team of like-minded individuals.

Course Schedule & Syllabus

Session 1

Introduction and Overview to Health and Breakthrough in a Pandemic Environment

29 Jul

1700 – 1800

More Details
  • Realizing our physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Introduction to Breakthrough framework that includes Positive Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness Practices and Community Support.
  • Introduction to your individual game plan.

Session 2

Breaking Through Self-Limiting Beliefs

01 Aug

0900 – 1000

More Details
  • The neuroscience behind mental distress, how to reprogram it, and leverage it for resilience·
  • Hacking the central nervous system.
  • Broadening self-awareness and navigating around personal mental roadblocks.
  • Evidence-based tools and interventions for managing stress and anxiety.

Session 3

Building a Foundation of Positive and Sustainable Habits

05 Aug

1700 – 1800

More Details
  • Practical strategies for building habits
  • Developing your sustainable routines
  • Game plan development based on your goals (challenge/skill ratio)

Session 4

The Power of Movement

08 Aug

0900 – 1000

More Details
  • The four pillars of exercise: Cardiovascular, Strength, Recovery,and mental endurance training
  • Fitness fundamentals for peak physiology and enhanced cognitive function
  • Leveraging physical exercise for mental well-being

Session 5

Building Community Health and Resilience from the Inside Out

12 Aug

1700 – 1830

More Details
  • Inter-personal connection and support- the secret to resilience
  • Setting goals and accountability by anchoring as a team
  • Nurturing a supportive and empowering environment
  • Intro to Breakout group discussions

Session 6

Fear Exposure

15 Aug

0900 – 1030

More Details
  • Understanding the science and history behind fear, doubt and uncertainty as well as it’s effects on the human brain and physiology
  • Stoicism: the art of facing your fears and leveraging challenges as a power source
  • Navigating and thriving through physical and mental challenges
  • Breakout group discussion

Session 7

Sleep and Nutrition for Optimal Well-Being

19 Aug

1700 – 1830

More Details
  • Key Principles for optimizing sleep efficiency·
  • Detoxing the body and reducing inflammation·
  • Guidelines for creating a personalized healthy and sustainable nutrition regimen
  • Breakout group discussion

Session 8

Active Recovery, Mobility and Tension Release

22 Aug

0900 – 1030

More Details
  • Therapeutic exercises to reset the atomic nervous system and relieve stress·
  • Strategic postures, stretches and movement progressions for manipulating the body’s circulation, metabolism and digestion·
  • Releasing tension trigger points as well as improving alignment and flexibility
  • Breakout group discussion

Session 9

Accessing the Benefits of Flow State: Focus, Motivation, Optimal Performance and Fulfillment

26 Aug

1700 – 1830

More Details
  • The science behind motivation, creativity, and excellence·
  • Syncing action and present awareness for effortless momentum, focus, and creativity
  • Breakout group discussion

Session 10

Harnessing the Power of your Mind

29 Aug

0900 – 1030

More Details
  • Heart rate Variability: How our thought patterns directly affect our behaviors, physiology, and lifestyle
  • Rewiring negative thought patterns and with affirmation strategies
  • Call to action and follow-through: The principle of Kaizen continuous daily improvement
  • Breakout group discussion

* The schedule may be subject to change. Changes if any, will be updated here.

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