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Apart from being one of the best vacation destinations in Thailand, Hua Hin is also one of the best locations to have a sport event not to mention one that has become more popular in recent years, triathlon.

Hua Hin is filled with many conveniences perfect to host an international sport event. There are many ranges of accommodation prices from a few hundred a night to around ten thousand a night.

Food? Don’t have to worry because Hua Hin is multinational and has dishes from all over the globe. Many convenience stores and malls you can make a quick run if you need anything.

Last but not least, Hua Hin is easy to travel to either by car, only a two hour drive from Bangkok or by train, getting a nice cool breeze and beautiful scenery along the way. After the race, you can take a few more days to explore the calm beautiful beaches and the exciting night markets. Hua Hin has it all!  

It’s been a while since we last swam in the sea so we are happy to say that we are back having a brand-new series to top it up with TRI-Factor right here in Hua Hin. We have the privilege to use one of the cleanest beaches in Hua Hin, Suanson Pradipat for our swimming and running courses. The facility also provides reception building, meeting room and much more which makes this a great place to host such an event. Not to mention the water temperature around the race period is just about right. 25-27 degree Celsius, calm waves, clean water and the best part is, during the time of the year, the beach at Suanson Pradipat will be a bay-like area which makes the transition area not too far from the swimming course. Great advantage in saving up energy for the other courses.  

TRI-Factor can’t wait to be there and we hope to see all Thailand Triathletes there to be a part of the Asian Championship Series! 


  1. The Organizers reserve the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without prior notification.
  2. The Organizers reserve the right to amend the race course with prior notice to participants.
  3. In the event of inclement weather, the Organizers reserve the right to delay the commencement of the race, shorten the race or modify the course.
  4. Should the inclement weather persist after the delay, the Organizers reserve the right to cancel the race without any refund of registration fees.
  5. Organizers reserve the rights to cancel, postpone or change the date, venue and time of the event. There will be no refund of registration fees or any associated cost if the event is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances or security and safety issues.
  6. The Organizers reserve the right to use any photograph, motion picture, recording, or any other record of this race and its participants for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising.
  7. The Organizers reserve the right to remove any participant deemed physically incapable of continuing the race. Medical personnel have the ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from the race if the participant is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without the risk of serious injury to themselves or others. Medical transport of any participant will result in disqualification.
  8. Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Organizers to ensure participants’ safety, participants participate at their own risk and the Organizers shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage, whether personal or otherwise, and howsoever arising. Participants are strongly encouraged to go for a medical examination and/or consult their medical practitioner prior to registration and before the actual race day.
  9. All Participants shall collect their Race Entry Packs that include the Bib Number, Timing Chip, Event T-shirt and other novelties at the Race Pack Collection. If participants are unable to collect their Race Entry Packs in person, they may authorize a representative to collect on their behalf.
  10. All participants must fasten their timing chips with the provided chip tie before beginning any race.
  11. The individual Timing Chip are disposable after the race unless otherwise stated (TEAM RELAY Timing Chips must be returned upon finishing to the crew at the finish line). Lost timing chips will be subject to THB 1,000 replacement fee.
  12. The Organizers will not be responsible for any inaccuracy in participant’s race timings.
  13. On-site reporting and body marking will start one (1) hour before the commencement of the first wave of the race.
  14. The details on the reverse side of the Race Bib must be filled in to enable the Organizers to contact participant’s next-of-kin in case of emergency.
  15. Participants who commence before the actual start time of his/her Race entered for will be disqualified. (Please refer to start time of each race.)
  16. A grace period of 15 minutes after the commencement of the race will be given for latecomers. Anyone who reports later than this grace period will not be allowed to participate in the race or be downgraded to the next category.
  17. The Transition Area will be opened at least 1 hour before the commencement of the race. Triathlon participants have to place their bicycles and gear at their designated location in the transition area. All participants shall be ready and assembled at the Swim Start Holding Area 15 minutes prior to the Swim.
  18. Participants in the relay categories are responsible for passing their timing chip to their teammates at the designated areas after their respective legs.
  19. There may be (generous) time limitation, which is still to be determined. Road closure will be lifted after the time limitation. Participants will then continue on the footpath at their own risk.
  20. For prize winners or possible prize winners, disputes and appeals must be made on-the-spot within 15 minutes of the published results on the results notice board on-site or immediately after the prize presentation with a $50 deposit which will be refunded if the appeal is successful.
  21. For all other participants, disputes and appeals regarding the results must be submitted in a written format, including electronic mail within 7 days of race day. After which, the Organisers reserve the right not to entertain any dispute or appeal.
  22. Any dispute arising from the participation in the Event shall be referred to Arbitration to be conducted in Singapore under the law of the Singapore Arbitration Court.


  1. On-the-spot entries will not be accepted.
  2. The Organizers reserve the right to limit and refuse entries without giving any reason.
  3. Completion of the entry form, including online registration, evidences the participant’s agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of  TRI-Factor Series 2019.
  4. Once the registration form has been processed, there will be no fee refund for the participants who, for whatever reason, eventually do not take part.
  5. The Organizers will not be responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete and/or incorrect entry details given by the participants.
  6. The race registration will be only confirmed when full payment of race registration fee has been made.
  7. Race entries are non-transferable. Any person doing so will be held responsible in case of an accident arising from or provoked by the other person during the race. The Organizers reserve the right to exclude both parties from future events.
  8. The Organizers reserve the right to close registration before the said closing date should participation reaches its capacity before the said date.
  9. Age category is determined by the participant’s age on 31 December 2019.
  10. Participants below the age of 18 are required to seek parental/guardian consent and fill up the relevant indemnity declaration forms as deemed necessary by the Organizers upon online registration or in-person registration. Failing which, the Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to any participant.
  11. All Relay Teams must consist of 3 members, they can be of Single or Mixed Genders. All Teams are under the Open Age Group Category.
  12. Participants who opt to be matched agree to be matched according to selection criteria deemed fit by the Organizer. Disputes and appeals must be submitted to the Organizer in written form, including electronic mail within 7 days of matching-result release. The Organizers reserve the right not to entertain any disputes or appeals 2 weeks before race day.


  1. All participants must wear the Swim Cap & wrist tags provided by the Organizers.
  2. Swim goggles may be worn.
  3. All swimmers must have their bib numbers marked on their arms or legs
  4. Fins, paddles, pool buoys, snorkels or any other swimming aids are not allowed.
  5. Wet suits are not allowed.
  6. Support crews are not allowed. Any assistance, other than medical aid received during the swim will result in immediate disqualification.
  7. No persons other than the participants and officials are permitted in the swimming area.
  8. Participants in difficulty shall signal by raising an arm to the escorting kayaks for assistance.
  9. Once assistance is rendered, the participant must retire from the competition.


  1. Participants must ensure that their Bib Numbers are clearly visible on their adorned apparel at all times.
  2. No bare torso is allowed at all times.
  3. No barefoot riding is allowed.
  4. Wearing of helmets during the cycling leg is compulsory, anyone caught not doing so will be immediately disqualified.
  5. Participants are to ride in single file on the left side of the road except when passing another participant and are reminded to observe traffic rules at all times.
  6. All participants will be required to perform their own repairs if their bicycles should break down.
  7. Support vehicles and crews are not permitted.
  8. All participants MUST wear helmets from the time they remove their bicycle from the rack.
  9. The helmet must stay on the participant’s head until he/she has placed his/her bicycle at the allocated spot on the bicycle rack.
  10. It is the participants’ responsibility to ensure that their bicycles and bicycle brakes are in good working condition.
  11. Wearing headphones is not allowed at all times. Communication or entertainment devices of any type are strictly prohibited during competition.
  12. Drafting is NOT allowed. You are considered drafting when you are within 7 metres of another participant’s rear wheel or riding next to someone within 2 meters.


  1. Participants must wear their Bib Numbers clearly visible on their adorned apparel at all times.
  2. Support vehicles or pacers are not allowed.
  3. Participants must run on the designated path for the entire route. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  4. No bare torso is allowed at all times.
  5. No barefoot running is allowed.


  1. Each participant must pack all his/her swim gear in his/her Bike Bag and all his/her bike gear in his/her Run Bag before exiting transition so as not to impede the safe movement of other participants.
  2. No public nudity is allowed as any breach will result in disqualification.
  3. Each participant must have the bike helmet securely fastened on their head prior to un-racking their bike to commence the bike leg.
  4. Each participant must have their bike helmet securely fastened on their head until they have racked their bike prior to commencing the run leg.
  5. Bikes must not be ridden in transition at any time.

IMPORTANT: All information published on this website is subject to change or expiration without notice. Please make regular checks for the latest information and updates.

Participants Entitlement:

  1. Race Bib & Race Kits (Helmet Tag, Bike Post Tag, Wrist Tag, Race Tattoo)
  2. Swim Cap
  3. Timing Chip
  4. Event Tee
  5. Event Bag
  6. Finisher Medal
  7. E-Certificate
  8. Other Goodies from Sponsors

Suanson Pradipat 1


For Reservations of these Rooms please contact:

Email: or call: K.Meow 061-536-519

To secure your bookings please  make a bank transfer to the following account:

  •  BANK: Kasikorn Bank
  •  Acc. No.: 005-1-50033-4
  •  Acc. Name: TAB AGENCY
  •  Branch: Nawamin 36

Once the transaction is done, Please send the transaction evidence to the email address for confirmation.


Suanson Pradipat 2 (Seapine Hotel)

For Reservations of these Rooms please contact:

Email: or call: K.Meow 061-536-519

To secure your bookings please  make a bank transfer to the following account:

  •  BANK: Kasikorn Bank
  •  Acc. No.: 005-1-50033-4
  •  Acc. Name: TAB AGENCY
  •  Branch: Nawamin 36

Once the transaction is done, Please send the transaction evidence to the email address for confirmation.



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